How To Get Free Viral Traffic

How To Get Free Viral Traffic to Your Website or Blog

How To Get Free Viral Traffic: In this video, i will show you how to get free traffic for affiliate marketing and how to use free traffic sources to promote your affiliate links.

In the last video we saw that the best way to promote your affiliate links was on the back end of your list Building funnel, not only you will, capture leads and contact them later, but your traffic will be warmed up enough to make purchases through your affiliate links.

We also saw on the last video that, in order for you to attract targeted visitors to your affiliate marketing, funnel you needed two things:

The first one is a lead magnet to offer for free,

And the second is a unique content to submit to those traffic sources.

How To Get Free Viral Traffic – here are some affiliate resources:

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In order to attract visitors and get them to visit your capture page, we also saw that, in order for you to attract targeted visitors to your affiliate marketing funnel or to your capture page, you need two things: a lead magnet to offer for free, and the second Thing is using unique content to submit to the traffic sources and by doing that, you will be contributing positively to those communities and driving free targeted traffic to your affiliate links in the process.

We also saw the method to get unique content fast, using three websites killer. Plr articles spinbot paper rater, so if you did not watch the first video, please check the links in the description of this video and you will find the link to that first video there and today we’re going to dive deeper and see how we use that unique Article on free traffic sources and before we start please consider liking the video subscribing to the channel and or drop in a comment.

It will be a well appreciated support thanks a lot so now that we have our unique article, it has to be a quality article. Well done, we will be heading to the traffic sources and contributing there giving value i mean participating in educating people and giving a free solution to them and in the same time we will be driving free, targeted traffic to our capture pages.

So, first, let’s work a little bit with the article we got from the last video, and here it is on a word document. You can reorganize the format in a little bit, add remover phrases. You can also combine different articles and give it your personal touch and if you want to make things better, you can add an introduction or a conclusion from your own words. You can also use royalty-free images to make it more compelling, like these images, are royalty free. All you have to do is search on the internet for royalty-free images.

How To Get Free Viral Traffic

How To Get Free Viral Traffic

You can download them and put them inside the article then try to extract or inject a few keywords, a well-searched keywords that represent the most the topic. You will use them later when submitting your content to the free traffic sources and make a list of 10 or 12 key phrases like i did them here in red. So every time you can see get website traffic get website traffic. You can see here, for example, drive traffic to your website, get more website traffic. All these are targeted keywords People are using to search for information, and you will use them to be found actually on the platforms and on the search engines like google and youtube,

And here is a quick reminder before we go on in the method, is just this will work better if there Is consistency and a good choice of topic and keywords? So if you are in the make money online niche or the affiliate marketing, this is a good choice. But if you are in the in another uh niche, you might search for other articles and other traffic sources and consistency is really key. So the work needs to be highly targeted and consistent. So here are a few of my favorite free traffic sources and in this video i will present eight of them.

So my personal blog and i use a search engine optimization to rank my articles,, where i use spaces and answer questions and, where i post regular articles posts and also i have a publication. I use also other publications to publish my articles. All my or my pieces of content youtube videos.

This one is huge, podcast and search engine optimization. You can use a podcast platform, a free one like, for example, pod bean facebook groups, where there are millions of people hanging out there and also big niche forums where we will be using the signature strategy, plus a bonus method that i will reveal at the end Of this tutorial so stay tuned, and please don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to the channel. If this is the first time we meet now, we will be posting to our blog and if you don’t have a blog, you can either create one for free at As you can see here, you can choose a template or a theme that that is good.

How To Get Free Viral Traffic

How To Get Free Viral Traffic

For your content that you like also – and i personally prefer themes with sidebars, so i can promote other stuff. While i am posting my articles, but if you want more advanced functionalities, you can use a self-hosted wordpress blog. Like i’m doing here,   you will get more advanced techniques and plugins that will help you drive more traffic and rank better in the search engines, and since people are searching on google or any other search engine for high quality content, to answer their questions or to Resolve their problems, i will be giving google or the or the other search engines some good content to index and present to the searchers. So once i have the content, i will optimize it using the yoast seo plugin. I optimize it for the search engines and then i will publish it on my website.

I will share that blog post on social media and many other platforms. So here is exactly how this is done. So first thing to do is to install the yoast seo plugin on your wordpress website, and for that you need to go to the menu that says plugins and then add new. Once on this page, you type the keyword here seo or yoast seo, and you will see the plugin here at the top says yoast seo. So it’s already installed on this on this on this website.

How To Get Free Viral Traffic

How To Get Free Viral Traffic

But you will see here, install and then activate. I’M sure you can do that. It’S very easy! Now, once it’s done, if you go to your posts on your website, you click here on post. You will see all the posts that you already published and you can see at the right hand side.

These indications of the yoast seo plugin, meaning that the optimization for the search engines is green. So that’s good and the readability also is good. But if you want, if we want to see more details about this, we click on edit the article here, and we will just assume that this is a brand new article that we just pasted in our wordpress editor here. So to see more details about the results of the yoast seo, you need to go all the way down on the article and then you will see this widget here, giving you more details and basically what i want to do is have both of these green.

So if you pick the seo tab first uh well, you have to enter the key phrase or the focus key phrase that you are targeting and then you go down here to analyzes and then you will see the details, so i have outbound links,I have internal links, i have key phrase in the introduction. I have images, i have the good text length, etc. So you will be working on these points here, one by one until you make them all green. This one here is still red because it’s the the key phrase density. I don’t have enough key phrases in the article and i need to add more of them, but basically this is what needs to be done.

If you install the yoast seo plugin, you can put your content here in the editor and then you come down here and you start making these bullet points all of them, making them green and if you do not understand what what it means here. Something means here: all you have to do is actually click on it. It will take you to the host seo website and it will explain what’s that so here it says what is key phrase density and why it is important. So if you read here, you will learn exactly what needs to be done and benefit your website rankings on google. So this is the point number one and which is installing the yoast seo plugin on your wordpress site and making sure that every time you post an article or you post something on your blog, you make sure that it says green for both readability and search engine.

Optimization and then imagine putting on your website like post after post after post, and you will have a big number of posts that are are optimized for the search engines. You will definitely receive a lot of targeted traffic to your website. Now, let’s go to and see how to use the questions and answers and also how to publish content on corel spaces, to drive free, targeted traffic to our affiliate marketing campaigns, so tip number one write or find good quality content to use in your answers. So if you want quora to get your answers in front of many people’s eyes, you have to write something compelling interesting and catchy, but there’s one more thing that is very important to do to get traffic to your answers, and that is a question you choose on Quora also makes a huge difference.

You have to choose a question that receives a good weekly amount of views, which will probably be worth your time, investment and also your efforts. So let me go ahead and show you some of my content here and uh. What is the amount of views that is getting like, for example, this one here? How do you repurpose plr content?

How To Get Free Viral Traffic

If i scroll down, you can see that the content is long and it has valuable information in it, and this one here has 389 views and it has been published not long long time ago, like september 23rd, let’s say eight days since eight days it received like 389 views: let’s check something else. This one here has a video also and let’s go down a little bit further. This question here says: what are the benefits of list building and this answer is like very long: it has images on it and it has 689 views. This is another one. This is another article to answer a specific question.

You can see that it is very long and it has lots of useful information in it and it’s the same thing here. So all the questions i answer, all the topics i blog about are like. I provide a lots of information about the subject and when it comes to coming up with this high quality content, i have two strategies. The first one is that i leverage plr content. I rewrite it, but i use it as a base for my thoughts and my answers.

How To Get Free Viral Traffic: The second strategy is, i do searches on google and find pieces of content, and then i will take them, combine them and rewrite them in a good manner and then post them to answer a specific question on quora. The second tip is to answer questions where your answers will rank, so you have to choose the right question. So what we need to look at here is the popularity of the question how many views it gets per week, which i will show you a little bit later and also you need to check the ranking answer. You might see questions with more than 100 answers and the first answer is the one that is ranking. You need to take a look at that specific answer and study it to see if you can come up with something better.

How To Get Free Viral Traffic

How To Get Free Viral Traffic

That can be that answer. So you can choose questions where you can add something that other people did not already mention. The higher your authority gets the more popular questions you can answer so find the right question on quora then do your best answer in it. So, let’s take an example on the flock, let me write how to make money online, that’s better. So this is a question.

For example, that says what is the best way to make money, or how do i make money online? If i click on that specific question, i will see some details like, for example, it has 3 800 followers and it has more than 100 answers answers, and this one here is the ranking answer. That’S the best answer according to quora, so this is it. What you need to do now is to go through this and read it analyze it and see. If there is something missing and then you try to find something better than this and post it.

As an answer to this question, if we take another example how to, for example, drive traffic, i will how do how can i drive traffic to a brand new blog? Let’S take this one and see what’s happening here. It has 56 answers and it has 177 followers, and if i take a look to this answer here, it’s not very long. So i think there is an opportunity here to bring a longer and better answer and rank for this one. Of course, we will see um how many weekly views.

These kind of questions are receiving in a second. So what you have to do actually is find interesting questions that are receiving lots of views and also you need to check if you can compete with the number one answer that is already there, and this is why we spoke about the content quality in the beginning. Okay, guys so before i go ahead and show you the secret tip to uh, find out how many uh weekly views the questions are receiving. Let me kinda ask you to support the channel by subscribing liking the video and or drop in a comment in the comment section. So what you need to do first is go to your picture to your avatar and then click on ads manager.

If you did not create an account already, you can create it very easily. It takes few seconds and it doesn’t ask you for any credit cards or something like that, and usually it will be connected to your regular quora account. So once you click on this one, you will be on a screen like this and then let’s say that we are going to create a campaign. So i click a new campaign here and then i want traffic. You can name your campaign here like, for example, test test number one, for example, and then you want traffic, you don’t want conversions or something else.

How To Get Free Viral Traffic

Let’S put a daily budget. This is just for the sake of the example. We’Re not going going to pay anything, and then what you need to do is click on continue here and once you do that. What you want to select here is questions because, because we’re searching for popular questions – and then you click on this button here that says bulk, add and then you type in here one or two words about the subject or the topic that you want to answer and That you have already good quality content about. Let’S say that we want to search for traffic related questions, so i type traffic and then i put continue – and this is what happens.

So how can i increase the traffic to my website? This question here is getting between 600 and 850 every week, but this is now this is happening right now. So these are the weekly views for this question. So if you have good quality answers and content about this question here, you can just go ahead.

Click on it and it will open on a new window and you can analyze it. So we have more than 100 answers. We have 3 000 followers and you can read the first question and try to compete with that. If i go back and then i try something else, let’s say, for example leads, and i do continue. So we don’t have big amounts of views here.

How To Get Free Viral Traffic: But let me choose something else, let’s say, for example, money i will add online and then click on the continue button, and here we have what’s the easiest way to make money online receiving between 5 000 and 6 000 views a week that that’s now that’s not Last year, that’s that’s now, that’s live! So if i click on the question itself – and i will see that it has 10 000 followers more than 100 answers and then of course what you can do is you can go through this answer here? That is ranking number one, and then you see if you can compete or add something that is not mentioned already yet, and then you come up with that great content and click. The answer button where’s the answer button. Okay, i don’t see the answer button because i already did answer this question here and it says here you’ve written an answer, so i think this is very powerful guys if you want to uh, have a clear idea of the weekly views that a particular question is Getting so you can come here and find the best questions and then, of course you can answer them right away or you can answer them later.

So if i take this one here, how do i earn money from home using the internet eight hundred to a thousand? So if i click on this one here, i see that it’s more than a hundred um answers and eight hundred uh um, almost 900 followers. You will need to check the ranking answer, of course, which is this one here. I don’t think it’s um. Well, it’s long enough, it’s long enough, but you can of course take a look at it: analyze it and try to cut to come up with something better and if you don’t have um content ready to go with this question, you can just click on these three Dots here and click answer later, so you will.

How To Get Free Viral Traffic

How To Get Free Viral Traffic

You will save it for yourself for later and then come back and answer it. Now, let’s go to medium Com and start publishing our articles and also using publications on – and i just wanted to say for these two here i mean and – are becoming really huge right now and millions of people are reading them every day. is this one. So if you click on your avatar here, you can see here, publications. So let me click on the publication. These are publications where i am a member and or following – and this is my own publication – i gave it the same name as the quora space , It’s work and make money online and these pieces of content have been submitted by me, like uh in the previous days. So if i click on any of these articles here it will open and i can read it and everything. But if i search, i will find the links out to my blog. So if i click on this link here i’ll be taken to my blog, where there are affiliate links, videos, banners, etc, and when i can monetize that traffic youtube is one of the biggest traffic sources and the traffic is highly targeted, some extra work needs to be Done here because we will have to repurpose the article and turn it into video, and here there are lots of ways to do it and it worth the effort, because the traffic is really great and the best tool being an application called vidnami. And i have a link to that application in the description of this video, and this is the application you can try it for free and you can turn your article into great videos.

So when converting pillow articles into youtube videos, we must not just go ahead and read it word for word, but we have to have a script or a strong outline of what we want to say. Think of what you do, if you decided to use plr article in your blog post, you would edit the plr content enough to make it your own. That is what you need to do when you want to convert plr articles into videos as well. So the first thing that we always need to do, which is a good idea, is to rewrite the plr article changing a little bit the paragraphs as well as adding some of your own content to make it more original. Now, in order to record the video, we have two options here.

How To Get Free Viral Traffic

How To Get Free Viral Traffic

The first one is to show your face on the video and you can speak and explain each and every point uh that is included in that plr article and the second choice is: if you don’t want to be on camera, you can use power, play powerpoint, presentations Or create presentation on on on canva, where there are multiple slides and you bring a vocal explanation every time you show a slide. So the example for this video is this article here or a cheat sheet about 17 blog post formulas. So i thought that it would be a nice idea if i do 17 slides, where i explain and give a little bit more details about every slide or every formula to write a blog post. So, even if you have another type of plr articles, you can like structure it like this in multiple points and you put each point on on an individual slide and you prepare some explanations for that specific slide. So what you can do, if you have powerpoint, is to find a nice uh template for a powerpoint presentation like this one, i’m showing you here.

So this is a template that i use uh, usually to create my videos. So it’s a very nice template actually – and i will well leave me a comment in the comment section if you want to use this same top template, but there are lots of uh resources on the internet that provide you with free, powerpoint templates. Actually, i went to google and typed free powerpoint templates and designs, and i found this website here called free, powerpoint, templatesdesign Com and it offers you a variety of templates that you can download for free and use for your videos. Another great idea is to mix or to put into your slides, like pictures relevant to the subject, and i have found another website that provides you with free images. So this website is a free to use free, download images and you can use them for free royalty.

How To Get Free Viral Traffic

How To Get Free Viral Traffic

Free, so the website is called the, so all you have to do is type. What kind of pictures you want like? I want, for example, pictures and images about computers, so i just type computers and then it will bring lots of images about computers which i can use.

So if i click on this picture here, it says here download for free. So here is an example of a slide that this slide was at the beginning of this particular video. So i just put a picture here which is the thumbnail of this video, and i put a big title here and then i explain a little bit. What i’m doing here and then, if you have more slides, you just add here right click and then add a new slide, and then you put your object objects here here is another way to go about the presentation. Is you go to the canva.

How To Get Free Viral Traffic: Visite the  website and then you can type here on the search bar presentation or you can just find it here on the menu. So you click on that and canva will bring you multiple presentations templates that you can choose from and then you can choose at the left hand, side which template you like, let’s say, for example this one here. So if i click on it, you have multiple layouts. On this template that you can use for your video, so at this point here all you have to do is copy and paste your content from your article to this presentation and once you’re done formatting it you can just go ahead and download it now, once you Have your presentation ready, um on powerpoint or on canva?

You need now to record your screen and once you’re ready to record your screen. All you have to do is open your open. Your powerpoint presentation click on this button here at the bottom right hand, side, and then you will see the presentation live and then all you have to do is explain what you are showing on the different slides. While the slides are passing like the way i’m doing right now, so if you want to stop, you can just go ahead and stop the recording and, by the way, the application i’m using to record my screen is called the free, cam aita. So all you have to do is write free, cam, 8 on google and then the first link will give you this website here.

How To Get Free Viral Traffic

How To Get Free Viral Traffic

Freescreenrecording Com you’ll be brought to this page here, where you can insert your email address and download it and use it for free now, the other option. The last option here is, if you do not want to put a lot of work on it, you can use this professional software that will deliver a great video voice over only when you submit your article ready, so you’ll be able to make professional videos with this Website here called vidnami, i will leave a link in the description if you want to try it for free for 14 days. It will be a very good idea to use this software here now, let’s go ahead and publish on a podcast platforms like anchor dot fm and all you have to do is record the audio. While you read the article and then submit it with the right keywords, the good thing about this is that using plr content to create podcasts and knowing how to repurpose the plr products in into podcasts means that you will not have to put lots of efforts because The information is already available, so the process is very simple. Actually the first thing that you need to do is grab a plr article or your own article, and then it’s always good.

If you rewrite it, if it’s a plr, but if it’s in good shape, you can just keep it like that. If you have the right to do that, but it’s always good to put your personal touch and your personal style on the article. The second important thing that you need to have, after having the plr article, rewritten and redesigned you need to have something of good quality, to record your audio, to record your voice and most of the time the headphone of your computer can do it. I mean you can just use the headphones really connected to your computer and record your voice reading the article. The third thing that you will need to do this is to have a platform where you can publish your podcasts and for this video.

I took this example here: anchor dot, fm anchor dot. Fm is the website where you can record your podcasts and publish them as well, and they will publish them also on multiple other platforms for you. So before we go to Let me kindly ask you to subscribe to the channel like the video and or drop a comment to support the channel, and thank you very much so once you register an account on anchor dot fm and then you go ahead and ah and confirm your email address.

How To Get Free Viral Traffic

How To Get Free Viral Traffic

You will be logged in and brought to the screen here where it’s asking you to make your first episode. So if you click on this button here, you will be ready to record your first episode, but before we go ahead and record, i want to go to the settings tab here and update the settings. It’S very important to give relevant information about your topic about your podcasts and what you will be talking about in these podcasts. So you have here a podcast name, podcast description and a cover art for the podcast. So in this example, i’m just going to use the title of this article as the podcast name, and i will use the first part, the first two paragraphs here as a description, and i will use this picture.

He is here as a cover art, so i will just copy the title from here and then i will take it to the platform and paste it here now. Let me just copy the two first paragraphs and then, of course, paste them into the description area explaining to the listeners. Everything we’re talking about here looks like the description takes, only 600 characters maximum. So i will just stop here and then i will upload this cover. So upload an image, and i will go ahead and take this one here and use it as an art all right, so keep it center update and then save once these settings are saved.

All you have to do is click on this button. Here say: new episode or click on the dashboard, and you will be brought to the main page of your dashboard, and here is what it’s asking you to start recording one of your podcasts. Now, if i click on this button here that says record, it will ask me to select one of my microphones connected to this computer and i’m working with what this one here, blue snowball. So now my mic is ready to take my voice, and all i have to do then is click on the button to start recording. So right now i am recording my podcasts and everything i’m saying is recorded, so what i have to do after that is of course, uh read the uh, the the the article step by step in a clear matter, so that there are no noises around me and Also, the pronunciation needs to be good as well.

How To Get Free Viral Traffic

How To Get Free Viral Traffic

Here’S one important thing to consider when you are recording your article as a podcast is to always include calls to action, so the person who is listening will know where to go or which website to go or where. What email address he needs to contact, etc? So if you don’t tell them what to do, probably they will not do it and once you’re done recording the article you just click on the button here, um stop recording and then you will wait for it to process and then you can just go ahead and Publish it now, let’s say that you do not want to put your voice over and you want somebody else to do it. You can head to a website like fiverr, for example, here, and you type on the search body type voice over, and you will find all these offers here by these people. Who will give you a variety of choices like, for example, she’s, saying that i will record a pro-american, female vocal voice-over?

So there are lots of offers here that you can take, and then you will be ready to publish your podcasts now, let’s go ahead and use some facebook groups and there are huge groups. These can be effective if you post, consistently good posts with attractive images, and your post will be shown actually on each member’s wall and there are lots of uh facebook groups who are really huge and you have to join a maximum of niche targeted groups. Facebook is great and it sends me lots of free traffic every day, so i have a routine. What i do is i come every day to facebook and i click on this button here that says groups, and i am a member of a variety of groups that are all talking or discussing affiliate, marketing and internet marketing niches. So what i do is i come here and i publish my posts to my blog post to my youtube videos to my affiliate links, etc.

So these groups can send you organic traffic actually because they can be found on google and then from there. They will come to your website. One important thing also that you need to do with facebook is optimize your profile. So if someone clicks on your avatar and wants to know more about you, they will found a brief explanation like, for example, here i’m saying here we are trying to find ways to make money online and there is a link to my website. So forums can also be very effective if used properly and basically, what you have to do is find your biggest forums in your niche register and start building a good profile.

How To Get Free Viral Traffic

How To Get Free Viral Traffic

You have to complete your profile. Put a nice picture of you. A nice description use your articles to post in the right forums and also to comment. Do this for some time then put your favorite link in your signature with a nice call to action and by the way, here’s just a reminder about this method. The backlinks that you will be building are staying there on those platforms.

For a long time and like this, you will be getting passive free traffic now. Guest post exchange is the bonus method and, basically – and since you know how to come up with a nice piece of content, you can reach out to other bloggers and suggest guests posting on their blogs. You can show them some examples of your blog posts or your previous blog posts and ask them if they want to publish on your blog too, and this will be a win-win deal. Every blog has a contact us page at the bottom menu, so click that and send them details about your guest posting exchange, and this will be a great source of free traffic for your website. So, thank you very much guys for making it so far and watching the video to the end.

How To Get Free Viral Traffic

How To Get Free Viral Traffic

I’M really happy to make these tutorials for you. So if you like them, please, like the video, subscribe to the channel and or drop a comment, and i will see you on my next video cheers: How To Get Free Viral Traffic

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