publishing viral content on youtube

Publishing Viral Content on YouTube

Publishing Viral Content on YouTube : Your first video will probably not be everything you were hoping for. That’s fine – practice makes perfect! The more you create content, the faster and easier it will be and the quality will improve as will your skills.

What you want to do is practice making and uploading videos until you’re familiar and comfortable with the way the platform works.

Watch a lot of videos in your market and see what channel owners are offering. Pay attention to their format and overall structure, along with their pacing.  Take plenty of notes!

Then, create a content schedule and stick to it.

Upload them (you don’t have to actually publish everything you upload). The more you practice, the better you’ll become, just like every other skill you’ve learned.

publish viral content on Youtube

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The post production process is very important as well, especially when it comes to creating engaging content free of lag and poor pacing. 

The main thing to pay attention to during the editing process is to remove any unnecessary pauses, lags and to ensure that you keep a steady pace so that your content flows smoothly and keeps your viewers’ attention.

You can also save a lot of money by learning how to edit your own videos. Popular Vloggers like Jake Paul and Felix Kjellberg use Adobe Premiere to edit their videos. You’ll pay just over $20 a month to use it, but it’s very intuitive and comes with everything you’ll need to get started.

You can check it out here:

If you want to follow the lead of popular vlogger Casey Neistat, you can use the Final Cut Pro app.

Final Cut Pro is easier to use than Adobe Premiere and comes packed with useful features that’ll help you create stunning videos. It also includes outstanding organizational tools that will make project planning easier.

There’s free editing software available as well, including iMovie which has a minimal learning curve and comes pre-installed on Mac-based operating systems.

It’s a great tool for starting out, and will help you learn the basics of video editing quickly and easily.


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YouTube isn’t a difficult platform to learn. In fact, its popularity is mostly due to how easy it is to use. You can upload videos in a range of formats and YouTube converts them into Adobe Flash for you (this gives you a file extension of .FLV).

Doing this allows YouTube to play your videos on its flash player (which anyone can upload for free and use). 

Another great benefit of this is that you can embed your video into a website just by copying the HTML code and pasting it into your site. This lets any of your website visitors watch the video on your site using the YouTube player.

This way, you don’t have to host the videos on your own site and use up a ton of bandwidth.

Bandwidth is the range of signal frequencies you need to transmit data over the internet – and you have to pay for what you use. Let YouTube carry the bandwidth burden for you!

Of course, most people will likely find your video by searching Google or YouTube’s on-site search for relevant content. In order to help connect viewers with the videos they’re looking for, YouTube utilizes a complex algorithm that’s made up of over a million lines of code.

how to publish viral content

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One of the main factors they use to figure out which videos to show is video metadata.

Metadata is the title, description, thumbnail, and tags you give your video when you upload it. That means you need to make sure your tags are relevant to the video content (and that they match the keywords viewers would use to search for your content).

YouTube also measures video quality by measuring the length of time it’s being watched. If a lot of viewers leave the channel before your video is over, this suggests that your video had a misleading title (or thumbnail), or that it didn’t give viewers what they were looking for.

If they stay until the end, your video is likely appropriate for the search terms used, and it will be given a higher ranking than videos left unfinished.

youtube viral content

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Spend some time watching videos from your favorite channels, especially from creators in your niche. 

Pay attention to their overall style, how they create transitions, what their pace is and branding style.

  • What kind of voice and tone do they take when creating videos?
  • Do they create head-talker type video content more often than other formats?

Take notes!  We’ve mentioned this already but it’s important, especially when you are doing market research in order to create a plan for your own channel.  You’ll want to reflect on this later.

viral content on Youtube

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And finally, give yourself the freedom to make mistakes. You’ll learn a lot throughout the process and the kind of video content you create today will likely look a lot different from what you create a year from now when you’ve had the time and experience needed. 

The important thing is to stay consistent, follow a content schedule that your subscribers come to rely on and stay true to your brand.


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